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I’m back!  It’s my major resolution for this year to consistently publish to my blog.  It will be easier since I am working on a book and I am going to share pieces of it as I go along.  The book is tentatively titled A Teacher’s Book of 10s:  the 10 best ways to do everything in your classroom!

I have about 75% of the layout finished and my goal is to have the rough draft finished by the end of February.  So the first tip for Classroom Management:

1.  Always face your students when if front of the classroom  (Students “go away” when you turn your back).  Learn to write backhanded on the boards, or better yet, use an overhead.  You can still see everyone and their attention is focused where you want it.  This is also important when helping individual students.  I am always surprised to see teachers bending over a student’s desk to help and having their  backs turned to the entire classroom in the process.  Not good!  Look at your classroom first.  Decide how you can position yourself to help while still facing the classroom.  It many cases it just involves moving to another side of the desk.  While you are helping the student keep your head and body high so that you can what the rest of the little whippers are up to.

Have a great day!

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